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PFSense 4 LabTech


Getting the most out of PFSense

The PFSense plugin for Labtech allows a MSP to manage PFSense deployments across all locations making the world's greatest open source firewall even better with integration LabTech RMM platform.


Current Version: 1.0.16
  • Features

    Manage All Clients Globally

    Get quick views into the status of backups and interfaces in the Global Manager across all clients.

    Get visibility into the current status of backups across the MSP

    Master Backups



    See what interfaces across your clients are failed or in a warning state while getting vital stats on the current status of each of the client locations managed by the MSP. See the status of all the IPSec tunnels under management or verify the CARP Status of PFSense devices deployed across your MSP. Check on Services that are running or see if you have any gateways that are showing packet loss. PFSense4LabTech has some very useful views that polled from the PFSense devices the MSP manages.


    Master Interfaces


    Master Gateways


    Master Tunnels


    Master CARP


    Master Services


    Configure how often the stats are updated, daily backups are performed after hours. Run manual scans and backups across the MSP with just a click of the button.

    Master Configure


    Manage a Client Location

    Using our Location Tab you can now do manual backups (snapshots) of your firewalls and store those snapshots in the LabTech database.

    It is simple to add firewalls to be managed,  add one or more PFSense entries to the Passwords tab at the location where the firewalls are placed and we will do the rest.

    Location Password Tab


    A sample entry would look like this, You can use either HTTP or HTTPS and also include a special port number if needed.


    Switch from the Passwords tab to the PFSense 4 Labtech tab to enable collections and backups for all firewalls at the location.

    Location Tab


    Once enabled you can manually run backups and interface updates or allow the automated services update the backups and interfaces for you.

     Location Views

    1 click backups

    With one click the plugin looks to find the best system to scan the firewall with and executes the commands needed to pull the backup from the firewall and returns it to the LabTech database.

    Backup PFSENSE now


    Export and Restore

    After taking backups of a PFSense firewall you can review the backups, export the backups to a XML file for restore or remove unwanted backups from the database.

    View and restore PFSense backups



    Interface Statuses

    Get the Interface statuses of your PFSense firewall and if they are up or down.



    Gateway Statuses

    Check on the status of the gateways at each location.

    Location Gateways


    IPSec Tunnel Status

    Check the status of the IPSec tunnels at each location.

    IPSec tunnel status


    CARP Status

    See the status of the CARP Interfaces and who is Backup and who is Master.

    CARP Status


    Services Status

    Verifying that your services are running as expected is just a click away.

    Services Status


  • Screenshots

    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
    • PFSense 4 LabTech
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