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CCleaner For LabTech Quick Start Guide

CCleaner for Labtech ConnectWise Automate
Piriform has teamed up with Plugins4Automate to bring the power of CCleaner to ConnectWise Automate for all MSPs. To get started just follow the guide below.
Analyzer is free for all agents, to clean end agents you will need a CCBE key provided by your ConnectWise Automate sales team member.  Please reach out to them for more information.

Let's Get Analyzing

We are assuming that you have read and installed the plugin per the How to Install Plugins document.

The plugins is featured in several locations within ConnectWise Automate, on the main [View] menu dropdown, on the Client console as a tab and on the Computer console as a tab/tile depending on version of LabTech you are running.

Find CCleaner in Labtech

At each of these levels you have a certain amount of control over CCleaner. The Global level ( [View] menu ), you enable the clients for analyzing and or cleaning, set a global cleaning policy and manage licenses. At this view you get statistics, graphs and charts looking at the whole  base of clients being managed by Labtech. The Client console level allows you to set a client specific cleaning policy that can override the global policy. At the client level you can exclude agents from the CCleaner processes allowing for granular control over who installs and runs CCleaner. The last level is at the Computer console level and depending on your Automate/ LabTech version you may have a tab or a tile under the plugins location. At this location you can Analyze and Clean the agent in real time getting results instantly and work on registry cleanings.


To get started we need to add some clients

Open the Automate Control Center and find on the [View] menu the CCleaner for Labtech menu item. This will launch the global view for CCleaner for Labtech.

LabTech View Menu


 The Global View

The global view is where the MSP will enable the clients for CCleaner. When you enable a client Labtech will mark the agents for CCleaner installs. At the top of the hour the automated installer will see agents online without a valid CCleaner path and will start the install process. Within a few hours you should expect to see valid paths for online agents in the license manager. You can then license the agents for cleaning or just allow the analyzer to run as the default. Before automation starts you will need to set at least one day a week to run process and turn on the master switch.

Global View for CCleaner for Labtech

Red Arrow:

This area is used to store the CCleaner Business Edition Key given you by the ConnectWise Sales team. This key and Customer name is needed to license and clean agents.

Yellow Arrow:

This area allows you to enable different clients which will cause a install of CCleaner Business Edition to be installed. Once you have set a schedule and turned on the master switch these clients will start analyzing based on the schedule selected. In this area you have 2 extra controls Auto Deploy Agents and Exclude Servers. These controls allow you per client, the ability to deploy as new agents are seen and to exclude servers for any client as part of the analyzing and cleaning.

Purple Arrow: 

This area is used to set the schedule for automated analyzing and cleanings. You set 1 or more days per week you want to process each agent. The process is very low key and light weight, going unnoticed by any users. We start at 12AM looking for enabled agents online that have not yet been cleaned or analyzed. When found we process that agent until all agents available for that 24 hour period have been processed. You can select multiple days or all days if you like.

Green Arrow:

This function is the Master Switch. You can turn on and off the automaton of CCleaner using this switch. You can also set to ticket each agent that receives a Analyzing or Cleaning process.

Blue Arrow:

The license manager is used to license and / or un-license agents for cleaning. This manager allows you to install and uninstall CCleaner Business Edition manually on any enabled agent and allows you to get the license status of an agent in real time. Licenses are not needed to analyze agents.


The Global Policy

The global policy sets the default rules for analyzing and cleaning for any agent that otherwise does not have a policy at any other level. For real data to show up in your analyzer scans you will need to set this. If your using the free product and do not plan on cleaning  then turning on all of these would be the suggestion. this will get you maximum amounts of data. You can override the global policy at the Client and at the Computer levels if you need different policies for different clients and computers.


Global Configuration Policy

License Manager

The license manager allow you to do a lot of stuff to each agent including licensing, installs and running the analyze and clean processes. In this view you can see the status of each agent and manage the licenses deployed to each client.

License manager

 Client Level

The Client console tab is used exclude agents from CCleaner installs, analyzing and cleanings. At this level you can set a policy that will override the global policy for this client only.

Enable Clients for CCleaner



Computer Console 

The computer console allows you to view the last analyzer and cleaner statuses and to execute in real time analyzing and cleaning of a single agent. You can at this level override any global or client level policy with a agent specific policy.


Computer Tab for CCleaner



To ReCap

  1. Add License Key if you have one (not required)
  2. Enable some clients
  3. Set a minimum global policy for analyzing/cleaning
  4. Set 1 or more days a week to run
  5. Turn on Master Switch

Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee, you earned it.