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The AcceloSync plugin for LabTech allows the synchronisation of LabTech tickets with the Accelo CRM platform, mapping users and clients in LabTech to staff and customers in Accelo.

Supports: Automate 12, 11


Current Version: 1.0.6823.24635
  • Features

    Ticket synchronisation

    Tickets are synchronised immediately upon save in LabTech, which will create or update an issue in Accelo if the ticket meets the configurable criteria for synchronisation. A background worker on the LabTech database agent also periodically checks for tickets that need to be synchronised, in the case of an outage or a change of configuration.



    File attachments

    AcceloSync makes files attached to Labtech tickets available in the synchronised Accelo issue, enabling technicians to easily access diagnostics generated from the alert that triggered the ticket creation.

    file attachments



    Plugin configuration

    Configuration takes place through the a tab in LabTech system dashboard, accessible under Config > Integration > Accelo. New users can run the setup wizard which guides you through the process of setting up an appropriate application API key on Accelo.

    Sync configuration



    Two-way ticket status sync

    LabTech ticket statuses can be synchronised from Accelo through the use of WebHooks in Accelo issue progressions, allowing for issues that have been closed or re-opened (or any other mapped status) in Accelo to be also be closed or re-opened in LabTech.

    Sync onfig api



    Client mappings

    Client mappings allow for issues to be assigned to the appropriate company in Accelo. If a client is marked ignored, no tickets will be created in Accelo for that client. Tickets without a client in LabTech can still be assigned to an Accelo company.

    Client Mappings



    Staff mappings

    Staff mappings allow for LabTech tickets to be assigned to the corresponding Accelo staff member. Staff mappings are not essential: issues in Accelo will be left unassigned if there is no corresponding assignee mapped.

    Staff mappings



    Status mappings

    Status mappings allow for LabTech tickets to be matched to the customisable statuses in an Accelo deployment. They can also be used to ignore tickets of certain statuses in LabTech.

    Status Mappings



    Category mappings

    Category mappings allow for tickets that match a particular LabTech information category to be assigned to different issue types in Accelo, or for tickets to be ignored by the plugin.

    Categories Mapping



    Priority mappings

    Priority mappings allows for tickets to be appropriate escalated (or ignored) in your Accelo instance.

    Priorities Mapping



    Ticket information

    Although designed so technicians don't need to spend time in the LabTech ticket, the plugin exposes a tab in the ticket that allows you to inspect the properties of the synchronised Accelo issue, as well as manually link or unlink issues, trigger a synchronisation, run an Accelo progression (configurable in Accelo), or to open the corresponding issue in Accelo directly.



  • Screenshots

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