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Patch Remedy Plugin for LabTech

We monitor and update the WUA services for all current versions of Windows. Without an updated and functional WUA your Windows patching will inaccurately tell you that your managed systems are up to date and this will affect Automate's ability to keep systems fully patched. We now automate the update of Windows 10 systems as part of our WUA maintenance services. Keep your Windows 10 deployments current and on the latest stable builds from Microsoft using Patch Remedy.

Supports ConnectWise Automate , Labtech 11


Current Version:
  • Features

    What Patch Remedy Does

    Windows Patching

    Using the data collected by the ConnectWise Automate services during the patching cycles we show you who is failing and provide tools available at your fingertips to help resolve the issues.

    Microsoft Applications Patching

    We monitor and report on all systems who do not have this commonly overlooked process running as part of their patching processes. Determine what systems are missing this feature and resolve the issue quickly.

    How Patch Remedy Does It

    Patch Remedy is a WUA and Patching assessment and repair tool used to assist the ConnectWise Automate patching services with common patching issues that take place inside Managed Services. Patch Remedy helps to tame the daunting tasks of verifying and resolving patching issues across all managed systems.


    We Monitor WUA

    Active scanning of WUA statuses

    Main Patch Remedy View

    We scan the current WUA versions of all enabled clients regularly to determine the compliance levels of each system. We store this information in ConnectWise Automate and provide views for use with the repair tools.



    We Fix WUA

    Push WUA updates and repair WUA installations

    WUA Versions
    We provide tools to allow you to update WUA installs on the managed systems and provide several tools to repair common issues that WUA may have that would prevent it from working correctly.




    We Monitor Patching

    We look for hotfix failures, patching errors, missing patches and much more

    Hotfix issues

    We constantly review the patch and hotfix history of all systems under management and report on the issues we find. This strait up view helps the MSP quick identify and resolve patching issues before it becomes a problem.


    We Fix Patching

    We provide tools and commands to assist in resolving patching issues.

    Critical Issues

    Accessing a troubled system is (1) click away when using Patch Remedy. We also provide tools to assist with patching issues, making quick work of resending patches to failed systems or commands to control WUA directly.



    We Manage Windows 10 Upgrades

    Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your PC. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available.

    Patch Remedy scans Windows 10 systems to see if the systems are set to defer upgrades. You can also use Patch Remedy to enable or disable this option on the remote Windows 10 agent that support this option.

    As of Patch Remedy version 4 we now upgrade Windows 10 systems from previous versions of Windows 10 to the current versions. You can either automate or manually launch the upgrade process on Windows 10 agents.


    Windows 10 Upgrades




    See Where You Stand

    Get detailed patch percentages across all managed clients, export this data to Excel for further processing.

    Patch Success


    Include and exclude Agents from Patch Remedy

    We give you several ways to meter what Patch Remedy reports on and what actions are taken across the client base. You have control of what clients are included in Patch Remedy.


    Patch Remedy configure

    At the client console you will find a tab that will further allow you to define what systems are managed by Patch Remedy.

    Exclude agents from Patch Remedy


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    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
    • Patch Remedy License (per month)
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  • Support

    Quick Start Guide

    Patch Remedy quick start guide

    Documentation Project

    Windows10 Upgrades Explained

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