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A Fabulous Week At Automation Nation 2017 In Orlando Florida

A Fabulous Week At Automation Nation 2017 In Orlando Florida

June 21-23 In Orlando Florida at Bonnet Creek Hilton

The first thing you have to plan for when attending an Automation Nation event is to arrive early! Give yourself an extra day before the event begins to relax and enjoy your surroundings in this palm tree paradise! Hilton at Bonnet Creek has a wonderful "Lazy River" that floats you around 3 acres of tropical palm trees and local plumage. The Beach Bar starts and ends your adventure around the nearly half mile loop allowing you to stop for a quick refill of your frosty beverages.  

Hilton BonnetCreek

Winding Up For The Big Show!

ConnectWise Automate main sessions area.  Location hosting keynotes presentations was a little quiet before registration time.


Automation Nation 2017


Automation Nation 2017 Registration


Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings  


A Chance To Network 

One of the biggest benefits to attending Automation Nation is the chance for networking with all of the people you work with and speak with across the different forums and Slack chats.  It's rejuvenating to get a chance to meet personally to discuss collaborative ideas and methods of problem solving. Whether it is your first Automation Nation, or your sixth, everyone gets something from this synergistic atmosphere.  Many attendees feel that this show allows proper insight into the daily operations and unique management styles of MSPs.


Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings


The open atrium allows for a comfortable place to startup new consociations and innovations. With so many technical minds conglomerated in close proximity is a true pleasure.

Cubert and BGags


Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings


We had valuable responses with users of our plugin products. The Plugins4Automate team spent most of our time making ourselves available to the event attendees, answering questions and taking notes on new feature requests.

Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings


Automation Nation 2017 Day 2


 Reunite with old friends

If you're like me then you come to Automation Nation every year and each year you get a chance to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Jeff, Tim, Shannon and Martyn take a moment to pose for a quick photo.

Automation Nation 2017 Day 1


All Work And No Play

Well, we just can't have that now can we? If there is one thing that is not missing at Automation Nation ..the plethora of libations!Automation Nation 2017 Lobby Bar 



 Automation Nation 2017 Lobby Bar


 Several Super Heroes Afoot

Automation Nation seems to bring the superhero out in all of us, the first hero we spotted was Super CCleaner , David Miller. His devotion to reclaiming wasted storage for the MSP market space is his special power!  David is trying to get the word out about the fantastic integration he has for ConnectWise Automate, powered by Plugins4Automate.

Super Dave


Greg Buerk was also sporting his super-hero-ness stance in the presence of a  lobby full of attendees between their breakout sessions.


Super Greg


Josh from Stack Advisors team stopped by to discuss Patch Remedy builds with Jeff and I during session breaks.

Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings


We had a chance to speak a little with Dustin on how things are going with the Connectwise transitions from LabTech to Automate. 

Automation Nation 2017 Day 1 meetings


The three most influential people in the ConnectWise Automate world!  

Automation Nation 2017 Day 2 Greg and Brett

 (Greg Buerk, Shannon Anderson and Brett Cheloff)


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