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About Us

We Are P4A

Plugins4Automate was formed to support the growing needs of the MSP market space in a time when growth of Managed Service Provides is at an all time high. Plugins4Automate leverages ConnectWise Automates RMM platform to create innovations and provide Managed Service Providers with state-of-the-art management consoles for a multitude of products. We help create a robust management environment by keeping the costs low and providing simple monthly licensing with no commitments.

My Story

My name is Shannon Anderson and I am the creator of automation. I started my career, not as a software programmer, but as computer engineer working on small and medium business networks starting back in the mid 1990's. My first managed computer network was seven i386 desktops tied to a Novel server running Groupware. At that time, we were still using COAX cables on a 10 base network. Back then it was all break/fix, rolling a truck on every call the client made. As the technology grew, so did the tools used to manage those networks. As an engineer I had a lot of access to emerging technologies and spent much of my time working and learning to program on Linux and for web platforms both in Pearl and PHP.

I was first introduced to the MSP market space in the early 2002 as Robin Robins started making waves about how the "New World Support" was going to look like. I got involved with Kaseya early on and spent several years working to build new MSPs using this new technology. In 2009 I was hired to convert a 1500 agent MSP from Kaseya 4.6 to LabTech. Labtech presented me with a very special set of tools and an opportunity. I spent the next 8 years with that same company where I developed key automation using the tools LabTech provided. As an engineer I shared my automations with other engineers knowing that if the automation was resolving my issues then it should resolve issues for others MSPs.

In 2014 I started providing an official website to keep all the plugins I had amassed and put the first plugins up for sale. In 2016 we launched Plugins4LabTech with 24 free plugins and 4 paid offerings including CCleaner for LabTech, Patch Remedy, Office365 for LabTech and Chocolatey. Since then we have grown to over 15 subscription based and supported plugins for ConnectWise Automate.


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