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Subscription Services

How long are the subscription agreements

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All subscriptions are month to month. You can quit at anytime and the license will remain active untill the end of the current billing period.

How do I quit a subscription?

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That's easy, just follow the link and it will explain just how to make the changes to your account so that the billing stops.

Why do you need my Automate servers Hostname?

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Our licenses are based on the hostname of the Automate server you plan to deploy the plugin to. During license checks we capture this name from the Automate host and send it as an ID to a valid license.

Community Tools

Are community plugins safe to use?

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Absolutely! The reason they are community tools is the fact that our team saw a value and wrote sometime to assits with the management of a tool or service. It wasn't deemed to be uplifted to full project status.

I have an idea for a plugin?

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Awesome! We are eager to hear about it. Visit our forums at and use the forums to post your idea. Our developers are in there all the time and would be happy to start a disscusion about your idea.

How do I get support for a community plugin

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You get support for any of our plugins by visiting our support forums at

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Set your hostname screen

Is your Automate Hostname Filled Out?

Before purchasing any subscriptions you should verify your account settings for your Automate hostname. The hostname is used to validate licenses and without it you will show expired after purchase.


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