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Automation Nation 2018 Mascot Corn Hole Grudge Match

Automation Nation 2018 Mascot Corn Hole Grudge Match

All I can say is WOW! 

Automation Nation 2018 was a huge success and we were there to bring some extra life to the solutions pavilion with our Corn Hole tournament. As we were setting up we had no idea that our mini tournament was going to have some big name players going head to head to battle for lead cornholer!

Cubert, seen here was in full swing preparing candidates for rules and regulations for the games and talking some shop when out of the blue & green came the mascots for Automate and Manage.


Game On!

Now you will only hear about this rival here at Plugins4Automate. The mascot's handlers had a hard time keeping these two from tossing the old bean bag at each other as they geared up for a head to head match to the bitter end.  Crowds started gathered around as the carnage began. Each of the mascots got a few warmup tosses in to get the crowd warmed up.



With four bean bags each they battled the corn hole boards relentlessly, or for at least four throws. Seconds seemed like hours as they tossed the old beaners back and forth, the battle raged on.


It was a Bird on Robot battle of the bulge, someone was going to come out on top victorious!


In the end there can only be one!

ART takes the prize landing 4 for 4 down the hole, leaving the Owl to wonder "WHOO" had just slammed the corn hole door on him.  You can see Cubert awarding the prize candy box to ART as he takes a victory lap around the Plugins4Automate booth.



Come join us next year at Automation Nation and try your luck. You just may come home with your own box of candy. How sweet victory is!


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