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Backup Windows For LabTech Adds To Automates' Report Center

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Backup Windows For LabTech Adds To Automates' Report Center

P4A  strives to improve the products MSP have come to rely on, so, today we are happy to announce new reports for the LabTech 11 / Automate Report Center. Reporting is a key factor in providing your customers with assurances that the work you request is being completed.

The new report adds value to the Backup Windows Plugin,  allowing the MSP to provide branded reports to their clients on the status of the backups being provided.

Report Center reports



Each report looks at the current month and based on the number of days currently in the month. Missing backups will report any system that has had previous backups but are missing all backups for the month. Vacant backups are systems that have been configured for backups but have never completed any backups.  These 3 views will show you a complete picture of where system agents are in their backup regiments.


If you have need for a simple and effective backup system with integrated ConnectWise Automate Reporting, consider giving our Backup Windows Plugin a try!


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