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Benefits of using SurfLog with ConnectWise Automate

Benefits of using SurfLog with ConnectWise Automate

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), tracking and managing your clients' IT assets is critical for delivering the best possible service. With so many systems, devices, and applications to manage, it can quickly become overwhelming. That's why ConnectWise Automate is such a valuable tool for MSPs. Automate streamlines IT management by automating routine tasks, monitoring systems, and tracking inventory in real-time. However, even with Automate, keeping track of all the changes and updates with agent internet traffic can be a daunting task.

This is where SurfLog comes in as a useful addition to the Automate toolset.

SurfLog is a web-log tracking plugin developed by Plugins4Automate that makes it easy to track web events that happens in your Automate agents system. 

With the Surflog for Automate plugin from, you can track your client's remote workstations and laptops web usage. The plugin adds a tab to each workstations screen that allows you to view the SurfLog data for the machine. You can view everything that the SurfLog tool has collected for the system, including date and time stamps, time visited, profiles, descriptions, and more.

Notable benefits of SurfLog with ConnectWise Automate and the Surflog for Automate plugin include improving your IT management with updates and alerts which translate into saving your technicians' valuable time. 

In conclusion, Surflog with ConnectWise Automate and the Surflog for Automate plugin from is an essential tool combo that every MSP should consider. Both Surflog and the plugin offer the MSP significant benefits, including the ability to monitor critical system events and user interactions, track remote workstations and laptops and better triage support requests, so before resorting to anything too radical. By using these tools, MSPs can improve their overall efficiency, deliver better service to their clients, and ultimately increase revenue.

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