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ConnectWise PSA halts integrations with Kaseya after ransomware injection into VSA

ConnectWise PSA halts integrations with Kaseya after ransomware injection into VSA

Wow, how about walking into a 4th of July weekend with a ransomware threat looming about your MSP? It appears that Kaseya VSA suffered a supply chain cyberattack that triggered REvil ransomware attacks against MSPs and end-customers. Bleeping Computers says that the REvil Ransomware gang is demanding $70 million in Bitcoin for a tool that can decrypt all the affected systems. Currently about 50 or 60 Kaseya VSA customers were effected in an attack that now spans victims in at least 17 different counties.

Friday ConnectWise reportedly had temporarily disabled all on-premises and cloud Kaseya integrations into ConnectWise Manage as a precautionary step until more information about the alleged VSA attack is available. It is also reported that ConnectWise plans to provide an update soon on when it plans to re-enable this integration. ConnectWise Manage is a common software platform used by thousands of MSPs in tandem with Kaseya VSA. 

This should make everyone in the Managed Services business take stock. In light of this event we here at Plugins4Automate will be preforming service and delivery security checks and evaluation of potential security issues so we can improve our delivery of quality utilities for ConnectWise Automate. 


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