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Does Win10 Defer Upgrade block the latest release?

Does Win10 Defer Upgrade block the latest release?

Why Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades?

I am getting a lot of people asking if using the Patch Remedy plugin to force the Windows 10 Defer Upgrades option will prevent the latest 1703 version of Windows from being deployed to previous versions of Windows 10.

Setting the Defer Upgrades options changes the registry, doing so puts you on the “Current Branch for Business.” Unfortunately, the “Current Branch for Business” terminology has gone through two — not one, but two — re-definitions since April. There is no Current Branch for Business anymore. And that’s at the crux of the problem.

On July 27, Microsoft declared that the Creators Update had passed its unpaid beta-testing phase and was now ready for deployment to business machines.

Now that Microsoft, recommends version 1703 build 15063.483, your “Defer feature updates” setting has expired, and you’re getting the business-ready version of Win10 Creators Update. (This, despite the fact that there’s a massive batch of bug fixes waiting in the wings for 1703.)


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