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Feature requests at the speed of Wow!

Feature requests at the speed of Wow!

There is one thing we at Plugins4Automate take seriously, and that is giving you the tools you want as efficiently as possible. We promote using our support forums to request new features and additions to our plugins, and as a customer your ideas are important to us. You will find that many good ideas come from the engineers that are working the trenches. Below was a resent post to our Active Directory UC plugin forums from one of those engineers. A customer of our Habitat plugin is trying out our Active Directory UC plugin and had observed an issue they needed addressed.

Original Post

We are planning on using this tool for our helpdesk to be able to provide rapid assistance to our customers for things such as disabling users upon employment termination, unlocking accounts, and resetting passwords. We also use groups for deploying access to applications, printers, etc, so being able to quickly see groups is an essential piece. This tool would allow us to provide helpdesk staff essential access without giving helpdesk staff direct console access or MMC access to any customer servers or internal administrative resources unnecessarily.

However, I would like to ask for a few feature requests, some security-related. Can you provide a Settings administrative center similar to that of Habitat, where certain buttons can be turned off and on? For example, we don't want our helpdesk staff to be able to create or remove users as that requires documented approval and privileged access control for our customers and is a security risk per SOC2 MSP compliance. 


About 10 days later,  Active Directory UC build was released that added the framework for User Class permission control over plugin access. We often roll things like this out in pieces so build will have more of the operation security in place to control the levels of access different Automate users can have.

So if you are a current subscriber to any of our plugins and feel there is some tool you could use, it pays to place it in our support forums as a feature request.

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