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Get More Out Of ConnectWise Automate With Integrations

Get More Out Of ConnectWise Automate With Integrations is the largest supplier of free and subscription addons to ConnectWise Automate. Below is a list of plugins created just for the Automate platform, come take some of our plugins for a test drive, You will be glad you did!

ADMON Admin Group Monitor Plugin 
Used to monitor and restore changes made to your local administrators group.

Agent Status Plugin
Agent Status tries to replicate the Agent -> Status view on the Kaseya RMM tool

Announce Maintenance Plugin
Send out a Windows popup message with a personal message from your MSP politely asking them to leave their desktops running to allow the critical patching to complete.

App Genie
Automates the entire process for pre-installed 3rd party application update management.

Chocolatey for Automate Plugin
Plugins4Automate has harnessed the power of Chocolatey and brought it into the ConnectWise Automate RMM platform. This allows MSPs to control mass amounts of Windows systems and software applications in a very simple to use interface.

CCleaner for Automate (Available in the solutions center)
CCleaner for Automate does it all for you with just the install of the plugin. No need to download or manage CCleaner software, you only need the plugin and your CCleaner License key and you're ready to start cleaning. Install the plugin and add your license key to the manager and away you go, that's it.

ESX Health Monitor CIM Monitor plugin
Communicate with a unlimited number of VMware ESX hosts retrieving the CIM data for the hardware the ESX host is running on. The plugin processes this data and stores it the Automate database to be used in the views and alarms the plugin issues when failures are seen.

Expiry the AD Password Expiration Notifier
Check the Active Directory of any client to see what Domain User passwords may be ready to expire, creates a list of the users expected expiration times and emails them a custom email notice to please update password when they come close to the limit you set for them. 

FileHog Storage Analyzer
A file stating tool that collects filenames and paths for all files that meet the search criteria provided.

GhostFile HostFile Manager Plugin
Manage HOST, LMHost, Network, Services and Protocol files across your clients.

Habitat for ConnectWise Automate
A complete toolbox for ConnectWise Automate with over 28 different toolset currently and growing.

Linux Update Manager for CW Automate
Helps you better manage Linux updates that use Apt-Get or Yum package managers. That's Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian Linux patch management in ConnectWise Automate!

Mapped Drives Plugin
Fetches all the mapped drives for all systems under a given client and displays them in a nice list that has sortable columns. 

Net Detective TCPDump and NMAP Plugin for LabTech
You can use this tool to capture network packets traveling around the remote network or scan addresses and address ranges for open ports and network connectivity.

NUT (Network Utilization Testing) Plugin
This plugin will deploy IPerf in server and user modes to agents allowing you to test bandwidth availability at the agent locations.

Office365 User Manager
Microsoft's Online Azure, Exchange and Sharepoint services are much easier to manage when your RMM tool knows all about your clients MSOL services. 

Patch Remedy
Monitor and update the WUA services for all current versions of Windows. Without an updated and functional WUA your Windows patching will inaccurately tell you that your managed systems are up to date and this will affect Automates ability to keep systems fully patched. We now automate the update of Windows 10 systems as part of our WUA maintenance services.

PowerShell Plugin
Maintain a library of scripts and commands to be used to run on the remote computers under the MSPs management. You no longer need to remote into a server or workstation to run  PowerShell commands or complex script against that system. Monitor and maintain consistent PowerShell and Dot.NET versions across all clients under management with automated tool available to you within the plugin.

Printer Status Plugin
See what printers are installed on each agent in a bulk view. See printer statuses for each agent and interact with the print queues and spoolers easily with just a click inside your ConnectWise Automate systems.

RegHog Window Registry Search Plugin
Allow you to search the Windows registry of a single computer or across the entire client. The plugin provides different search query options to help you better define and refine your search for the best results returned.

SQL Query Analyzer
Allows you to run SQL queries against the native database directly from your LabTech control center consoles. Now that ConnectWise is removing all RDP access to their infrastructure SQL Query Analyzer will be one of your most valuable tools in your Control Centers.

Stalled Agent Detector
Sometimes you have a number of machines where the LT agent gets stuck in an "executing" state. When this happens the only thing the machine will do is check in to the LT server. Solution is a reboot or restart of the LT service. Stalled Agents plugin helps identify and allows you to repair these agents when this happens.

SurfLog Web History Plugin
A tool that reports on the browsing usage of Windows Users across a LabTech RMM environment. We produce metrics on data like what browsers are usedhourly activity and top sites visited. Bring value to your customers by providing user metrics and browsing data to reports and Human Resources.

Windows Backup Plugin
Mass manage the native Microsoft Server Backup application available on any Windows OS across the MSP.  We do this through the Windows command WBAdmin.exe and  PowerShell scripting.

Visit for more information on these and other plugins we offer.

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