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Habitat Upgrades It's Windows OS Upgrade Tool

Habitat Upgrades It's Windows OS Upgrade Tool

We are always thinking about how we can make Habitat better and with the release of Patch Remedy 5 we knew there would be some cross overs coming soon. Well that day is today when we released Habitat out to the general public. 

It now includes the same Windows OS Feature Upgrade tool that Patch Remedy 5 uses. This has drastically improved the delivery and easy of deployment MSP expect to see in an automation tool. 

Policies are out, you will no longer need to create different policies to define what ISO you want to use. We will assume that the latest feature upgrade is the intent and as such we do not need any file information from you to do that. We also simplified the user interaction.

If a user is logged into console desktop the script will prompt user to allow upgrade in the background to continue. If use allows then the upgrade continues else logs user canceled upgrade. If user is not logged in it will continue as directed.

In PR5 we moved the mass of the coding to a PowerShell script and out of the Automate scripting engine. So the new Habitat - OS Upgrade Service script is now just a few lines of automate code. This allows us to determine what is needed by OS prior to upgrade then allows us to use the Windows Upgrade Assistant to carry out the actual task. This is much cleaner and the added bonus is you do not need to supply files or locations. 

See how Habitat can make life easier for your MSP!


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