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Habitat's New PatchMatic Microsoft KB Install Management Tool

Habitat's New PatchMatic Microsoft KB Install Management Tool

Today Plugins4Automate is releasing Habitat For ConnectWise Automate build which includes a new tool requested by one of our own MSP clients.

The new PatchMatic Microsoft KB Install Management Tool allows the MSP the ability to define any Microsoft KB and approve it for mass install across any of the managed customers. An Automate system to download and install specific KB’s that are not in the Patch Manager to specific clients, locations, or machines based on the detected OS of the agent and on a scheduled interval. The power of this tools provides a method to install options for out of band patching (patches not detected by existing agents or some Microsoft Optional patches).


Want to know more about PatchMatic? Please visit our Documentation Project here


To get Habitat for yourself visit our store


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