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Hosted Automate Server Reboots In Habitat

Hosted Automate Server Reboots In Habitat

Can I Get A Server Reboot Please?

Do you have a hosted ConnectWise Automate server?  Every time you think you have a slow host you have to call over to CW support. Then you sit in a queue or wait for a ticket response to have the server looked at and or rebooted.

How about being able to see at anytime what OS your Automate host is running and the current uptime? How about a script you execute against any agent on a regular bases that will reboot your Automate host for you once it exceeds a given time frame? Reboot your Automate server every 90 days at 10 PM is now as easy as a single line in an Automate script.

We provided the tool but you will need to create the script to get the data or cause a reboot.

The Plugin Script Function is called Automate Uptime and can be passed a number (represented in days) to test against uptime. If the uptime exceeds the value provided it will force a reboot of the automate host. The %PluginResults% variable returns the current OS and Uptime values.


Automate Reboots


You can create a simple script that checks the uptime and prints it out to the script logs for you to see.  Send a value for Parameter1 and if exceeds that value will force a reboot.


Automate Reboot script



Once script is executed on an agent have a look at agents script logs for the results.


Script Logs


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