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IT Nation 2017, Let's Unite This Ecosystem

IT Nation 2017, Let's Unite This Ecosystem

I must say, IT Nation this year was a blast and a shout out to all the great people we were able to meet and talk to this year!  Arnie Bellini, Chief Executive Officer of ConnectWise Inc. gave the Keynote on Thursday that focused attention on the big picture and how ConnectWise's open solution builds a bigger ecosystem of products and services by attracting technology vendors with open integration.

ITNation EcoSystem


This is good news for Plugins4Automate as we enter our 4th year providing plugin integrations for the ConnectWise Automate RMM Tool. Our goal is to provide the tool sets the MSP marketplace needs to be successful and ConnectWise looks to be onboard with that.

Let's Talk

 IT Nation is all about networking and revisiting with old friends and boy did we get opportunity to do that. While at IT Nation, we happen to come across Matt and Greg (image below) the grand architects of the Labtech (now ConnectWise Automate) platform. We talked with Matt about his new job at eFolder and with Greg on some of the roadmap for future development of plugins for Automate RMM tool. 

Greg Buerk and Matt McNab

Greg is still sporting the LabTech cape, figured after 3+ years that it would of tattered in the wash by now. 


The Rocks Lobby Bar was a great place to meet up with all the MSPs using our products and I was so happy to be able to meet so many new folks just starting in the Connectwise arena. A lot of great things on the horizon for ConnectWise and Plugins4Automate as we move into 2018! 


Global Reach

We know Connectwise has some reach,  but what was the phone bill to call our interplanetary friends and invite them to IT nation? Did anyone warn the guy in the red shirt about any pending doom?

Star Trek TNG


IT Nation is a tremendous opportunity to learn from and network with like-minded professionals and a great place to make new friends in the industry. Next year come see us at Automation Nation, we would love to have a chance to talk with you.


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