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Patch Remedy now integrates with Automate Groups to manage agent automation

Patch Remedy now integrates with Automate Groups to manage agent automation

In a fast-paced managed services environment, optimizing Windows patching efficiency is key to delivering a superior client experiences. One powerful tool that can significantly enhance your Windows patching management is Patch Remedy. Patch Remedy's automation processes now uses ConnectWise Automate Groups to manage day to day maintenance. The Patch Remedy group allows you to automate Patch Remedy scripts efficiently, enabling you to maximize productivity and fine tune your RMM platform. 

Why using ConnectWise Automate Groups is better for the MSP:


  • Streamlined Organization: ConnectWise Automate Groups facilitate streamlined organization, enabling Patch Remedy to group devices based on specific criteria such as location, department, or EDF settings. This organization allows for easy identification and efficient handling of devices, providing a structured approach to managing your client networks. 

  • Centralized Script Management: With ConnectWise Automate Groups, you can centralize your script management and maintenance. Instead of individually creating and managing scripts for each device, Patch Remedy can create automation policies at the group level. 

  • Improved Accuracy and Compliance: ConnectWise Automate Groups empowers Patch Remedy to enforce standardized processes and configurations, enhancing accuracy and compliance. By applying automation scripts to specific groups, Patch Remedy can guarantee that all devices within a group adhere to the same configuration guidelines. 

  • Enhanced Scalability: ConnectWise Automate Groups offer excellent scalability for Patch Remedy managed services operations. As your client base grows, managing individual devices becomes increasingly challenging and time-consuming. By utilizing groups, Patch Remedy can automate tasks across multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to efficiently scale your services.

  • ConnectWise Automate Groups provide a robust platform for managing script automation efficiently. Patch Remedy is optimized for groups allowing you to deliver even more exceptional service to your clients.


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