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PFSense For Connectwise Automate Build 1.0.15 Released

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PFSense For Connectwise Automate Build 1.0.15 Released

Plugins4Automate released build 1.0.15 of their PFSense for Connectwise Automate / LabTech. In this build P4A focused on a reported issue with backup exporting to XML file. In previous builds the export will work on creating a name for the file it was exporting from the name of the firewall address used in the configurations. Any trailing backslash on the URL would cause the file name to be improper and the export would fail to save to the local drive.


In Build 1.0.15 the export now looks for forward and backslashes in the PFSense address used and removes them before trying to make an acceptable file name from the rest of the parts.

If you use PFSense Firewalls in your MSP then PFSense for Connectwise Automate / LabTech is a must for you. Please visit PFSense For Labtech for more information

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