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Plugin Of The Month - Agent Status for LabTech

Connectwise Connectwise Automate Kaseya LT agent network plugin

Plugin Of The Month - Agent Status for LabTech

The Plugins4Automate plugin of the month choice for December 2017 goes to Agent Status for LabTech. The Agent Status is a free plugin that creates a simple client view from bits and pieces of data about the agents found inside of ConnectWise Automate database. When placed all together along side the same data from all the agents of a given client, the tab provides a very resourceful and user friendly view of the clients environment.

Agent Status View

The original idea came to me when I was assigned to convert our MSP from Kaseya to LabTech. All my engineers and technicians were so integrated into Kaseya that the first year was a little hard for them to give up the Kaseya interface. I had to get creative by building plugins that would mirror some of the features the Kaseya interface had. Once we started getting a few tools in place or team quickly found nirvana and Kaseya could go away.

Its been years now since that very first release and the plugin is as strong a download contender as any of our works. So here is to the Agent Status for LabTech Plugin, may she continue to help those in transitions. 


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