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Plugin Of The Month - Backup Windows For LabTech

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Plugin Of The Month - Backup Windows For LabTech

Backup Windows for LabTech is January 2018's Plugin of the month

We chose Backup Windows for this recognition because of the value it brings to small and medium MSPs that need to provide a cost effective solution for managing Windows Backups processes across their client infrastructures.  

Backup Windows plugin mass manages the native Microsoft Server Backup application available on any Windows OS across the MSP.  We do this through the Windows command WBAdmin.exe and  PowerShell scripting.  Backup Windows plugin mirrors the functionality of the OS the plugin is managing and supports the features WBAdmin provides for that OS. Plugins4LabTech adds extra functionality to include the ability offsite backups created by Microsoft Server Backup to 3rd party storage using the secure protocol SFTP.

If you want to control Windows Backups and get central reporting from all your clients then Backup Windows for LabTech is the plugin you been waiting for.


Backup WIndows plugin for ConnectWise Automate

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