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Plugin of the month - Linux Update Manager

How to update linux in ConnectWise Automate Manage linux patching

Plugin of the month - Linux Update Manager

This month's Plugin of the Month goes out to our old friend LUM, The Linux Update Manager.


Most MSPs see Linux systems and veir away from the opportunity to manage those systems. This leaves a hole in the armor that they build up around their clients. Some also argue that it's a loss of revenue as they charge less or nothing for Linux. The big reason why is that the automating of updates for Linux systems are not directly built into the Automate server by default. That changes with the Linux Update Manager plugin.

Quickly and easily look into the status of your Linux environments, see pending reboots and release updates available for each Linux system. Manually or through automation update the end agents as they become available and start collecting better fees for those agents.




Visit our product page for more information [Here]


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