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Powershell Command Manager Sets The Bar For Framework Management

Powershell Command Manager Sets The Bar For Framework Management

Today Plugins4Automate has released a new build of their popular Powershell Command Manager. It the latest editions, P4A's Powershell Command Manager has evolved into a framework manager for Windows. You still get all the original functionality the Powershell library and Command manager but we have expanded the role of the PowerShell Command Manager to now manage the operation and deployments of Powershell's framework and the DotNET frameworks. This expansion into managing frameworks allows a MSP to monitor and maintain consistent PowerShell and Dot.NET versions across all clients under management.

Dot.NET is the core of most Windows applications. By monitoring and maintaining consistent versions across each of your clients you will provide a more stable environment for each client you manage. This turns into profits for your MSP in the form of less technical assistance and troubleshooting of issues derived from mismatched and inconsistent deployments. 

PoSh Updates are also really good ideas. Microsoft describes PowerShell as “a task-based command-line shell and scripting language… built on the DotNET Framework.”  There is the DotNET framework showing up again. PoSh relies on DotNet so keeping them both up to date keeps your core frameworks in line with best practices. 


Powershell Command Manager automates the management and updating of workstations and servers core frameworks. Powershell Command Manager also provides a library of scripts and command functions commonly used within your MSP's management environment. This library provides the scripting and functions you have define for all your techs to use across any of your clients, directly from within the LabTech / Automate consoles. Use Powershell to manage your end agents direct from the agent consoles without disturbing the end users of those systems, making your job easier and less time consuming.


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