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The New Habitat Windows Registry Search Tool Explained

The New Habitat Windows Registry Search Tool Explained

Plugins4Automate team has added several new tools to the Habitat for ConnectWise Automate plugin as of build Today we are going to show you the new Windows Registry Search tool available in the client console. The Windows Registry Search tool allows you to look for Windows registry data across the entire client or a select group of agents under the client. The search is done in real time and the results displayed in the plugins terminal for each agent the search runs against.  This makes quick work when trying to see if agents are consistent in their registry data across a client or any of its locations. 


Windows Registry Search tool for ConnectWise Automate


Using the search parameters you can search for key pieces of data across any number of agents and compare the output from each agent in the same view.

Check this tool and the other useful tools Habitat for ConnectWise Automate has to offer here on our portal.

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