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Try Office365 For LabTech for a month free!

Try Office365 For LabTech for a month free!

Manage Office365 Directly From ConnectWise Automate

Give Office365 For LabTech a try on us, use Discount Code TRYO365 for $29.95 off the first month's subscription purchase of Office365 For LabTech. We have no commitments and you can easily quit at anytime, but we believe managing unlimited users and clients for a small subscription fee provides great value for the MSP and so, you'll stick around.  
Let's go over some of the new innovations we have installed to the new Office365 For LabTech plugin. Our biggest changes comes in the form of a new single pane of glass approach to managing your clients. We have moved all the views into one master manager so you can flip from client to client without ever leaving the windows console you are in. This centralization does not stop at the user's view but continues to the data collection and control systems. You now assign a single system anywhere across your MSP to manage Office365 for all your techs and clients. You can control what is collected and at anytime you can start a manual collection of data through the plugins control center.
Stop by our webshop and have a look at all the neat things Office365 For LabTech can do for your MSP.
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