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Using CCleaner for Automate To Help Protect Windows Users.

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Using CCleaner for Automate To Help Protect Windows Users.

CCleaner For Automate


Now that LabTech Software is managing the the sale of CCleaner for Business licensing and  providing free of charge the popular CCleaner for LabTech plugin developed by the Plugins4LabTech team , people in the Automate community are all excited. Every MSP knows the benefits of using CCleaner to maintain disk space and reduce junk on client PCs but most are unaware of the amazing security tool they have as well.

CCleaner a security tool? Absolutely, CCleaner is a great security tool to assist in maintaining password policies across the client and reducing the exposed footprint of the end users. There are plugin that can scans the MSP’s client base for saved password and account info. It pulls this data directly out of the local windows PCs across the MSPs clients and brings all that data back to LabTech. This tool represents just how easy it is to get to this data and if you can get it, anyone can get it. CCleaner for Labtech can help prevent this data from reaching the wrong hands.

When deploying CCleaner Business Edition across your environment and managing it with P4L's CCleaner plugin, you are placing another layer of security on your clients, helping to prevent attacks where local computer information like usernames and passwords from ending up in the wrong hands.

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