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VMware ESX Monitor plugin gets new feature!

VMware ESX Monitor plugin gets new feature!

Plugins4Automate has had a few requests to add to our VMWare ESX Health Monitor plugin, the ability to exclude items from alarms that show up in the CIM data views as failed. Due to the items being reported missing or in error excessive alarms may fire in CW Automate. A lot of the time this is due to a missing CPU for a socket or a dual power supply system missing one of the power modules. The CIM data reports the items as a failure or in a less than stellar state. This false reporting causes CW automate to fire off alarms even though its not an true failure.


You just exclude the CIM Item 

ESX Health Monitor plugin

You can now open the CIM viewer for any ESX host being monitored and select multiple CIM items from the list and disable them. When you do this the icons for those items will turn to the grey box. This denotes an item is disabled. Once disabled the failures will not show in the CIM - P4L ESX Health Monitor.

You now can control your CIM Data alarms!



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