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Whats the difference between Chocolatey for LabTech and Chocolatey for Automate?

Whats the difference between Chocolatey for LabTech and Chocolatey for Automate?

Plugins4Automate designed 3 different plugins using the Chocolatey framework, Chocolatey for LabTech, Chocolatey for Automate and App GenieChocolatey For Labtech is our most mature of the 3 plugins and was designed to be very granular with lots of ways to control Application flows and framework features. Chocolatey for Automate was the second version where we took some ques from smaller MSPs on simplifying the entire process. So in this version it was not about granularity but ease of use. App Genie was our 3rd plugin where we again took ques from smaller MSPs where they wanted no app deployments at all and only required updates of existing apps on agents. App Genie looks at the installed software on an agent and determines what repo packages are needed for that agent then manages the updates as new versions are available.


Each version of the software gets progressively less granular and less control over the plugins functions but simpler to operate and setup.


If you’re a larger MSP (1500+ agents) then you and your team will most likely get more out of Chocolatey For LabTech. If you are a one man show then Chocolatey for Automate or App Genie may be the easier/quicker route to accomplish goals.


All 3 plugins are fully functional in all current versions of Automate and all versions of LabTech. The plugins all are currently maintained by our staff and have had resent releases of updates.


I said we had 3 plugins but actually there is a forth but It’s not focused around App management.  Habitat is our latest plugin and is a tool box for the Automate environments. If you are using a hosted environment then you are really missing out on some of the accesses of an on – prem Automate host other MSPs have.  Habitat gives you this access back in several forms. It also is a collection of different tools including a 3rd party app updater for Windows (App Genie) and for Linux (Yum/Apt-get/zypper) and for Apple (Brew and OSX Updater).  So if you are looking to expand into other OS types then this plugin will help get you there. Habitat is currently a collection of 22 different tool sets and growing monthly.


 See how Plugins4Automate can make managed services more manageable for you!

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