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Why is Plugins4Automate quitting the helpdesk as their support medium?

Why is Plugins4Automate quitting the helpdesk as their support medium?

Plugins4Automate rolled out a new support protocol this month in efforts to keep up with the ever rising tide of support issue that come with a growing client list. As many of our supporters out there know, Shannon Anderson (a.k.a Cubert) is the head bottle washer here at Plugins4Automate. He is responsible for all the plugins that are offered on and for all the support for each of the plugins. Over the last year of operating the P4A helpdesk, very similar issue arise between the different requests for help. This duplication of support requests really keyed us in on the need to better capture the support issues and get them into a self help library for MSPs to use. We have been operating a support forum for a long time with little activity on it. What a better place to push our new program to!

Plugins4Automate started pushing all support issues to the support forums starting in July 2018. Any support requests should be posted in the forum best suited, make sure to include screenshots and detailed logs of your events. Be as detailed as possible with your titles and posts so that others looking at forums can find their issues posted quickly. Other MSPs can then chime in if they also are having such an issue which makes using a forum post more desirable.  We will be monitoring all forums daily for new entries and will respond in a timely manner. 

If a MSP needs immediate attention we have teamed up with  Labtech Expert to provide a pay as you go direct support service where the LE team will work directly with your engineers to manage any support issues you may have. 

By using support forums instead of a helpdesk we can minimize the time Cubert is doing support and maximize the information available for MSPs to find when issues arise.

Now Cubert, with all the time you should gain, go build us some cool tools!


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