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How to install plugins to LabTech

There are two possible scenarios when dealing with plugin installs

Installs or Updates

Installs are done when there is no previous version of a plugin installed and Updates are done when existing plugins have already been installed. The process is almost the same but instead of adding a plugin we will update a selected plugin. If you are updating a plugin you will follow the same process as described below but before you start, make sure to select the plugin from the list inside of the LabTech plugin manager. This tells LabTech what plugin you will be updating so Labtech does not update the wrong plugin. Yes you read that right, Labtech does not always match the plugin GUID to the plugin selected to verify that they match before it upgrades the plugin. I believe they fixed this in LT11 but just to be on the safe side always select the plugin from list before updating it. This will prevent any overwrites of existing plugins with another plugin.

Installation of the Plugin

The plugin comes as a Dynamic Link Library or also known as a .DLL file. Follow the instructions below to install the .DLL file to your LabTech System.

Installation is pretty simple and is done directly from your workstations or LT servers desktop. You only need to install the DLL one time, have all console users logout and back in to get the updated plugins once installed. You will need to unzip the downloaded package and extract the .dll file to a location you can browse with your desktop system. You must unlock the dll before trying to install it. To unlock right click the dll file and select properties, on the main properties page select the unlock button if one exists.

Unlock DLL files


If not already open, open your LT console and navigate up to the [Help] menu where you will find the [Plugin Manager].

Update menu

Now select the [Advanced] -> [Manage Plugins] -> [Add Plugin] menu and browse to the DLL file you extracted and select it.

add plugin

You will be presented with the plugin registration window, select [Save and Close].

Save DLL

Now back at the main screen you will find the new Cleaner for LabTech plugin now in your list of available plugins but it is not yet activated. right click the plugin and select [Enable].

enable plugin

Once enabled we can reload the LabTech Database Agent which will create all the internal SQL tables needed to operate the Cleaner plugin. Once this completes shutdown the LT console on your desktop and relaunch it. This will load the new plugin on relaunch and you are all ready to get started.

reload DBagent

To verify that everything is loaded and working look at the plugin in the Plugin Manager to see if the [DBLoaded] and [IIS Loaded] columns are green check marks.

Complete Install