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Office365 For Labtech Quick Start



The Control Center


The Control Center allows you to deploy all the MSOL modules you need to manage Office365 to your master scanner. If you find that you would like to use the Console Shell feature on your local workstation as well, then you can select from the list of systems your workstation PC and the "Deploy MSOL Modules" to your workstation quickly. You can execute manual scans of all clients MSOL data, MSOL Statuses and more from this convenient window.  Verify when the last scans took place to know if your data is up to date and how many clients were scanned. We also monitor and display if your scanner is online and available and if we see it up to date with it's MSOL modules. All this is done automatically when you install and add your clients. LabTech will execute scanner twice every 24 hours to keep all data up to date with the clients real world data so as to capture changes made from AAD Connect if active for clients.


To access the control center open the Office365 console from the main [View] menu. Click on the main logo Icon to launch the Office365 global configuration manager.

Launch 365 config


The Global Configuration manager

The global configuration manager allows you to setup the scanner that will be used to handle all Office365 probes for client data and any execution of commands for your techs. You only have 1 probe for all functions, we provide a list of systems that meet the requirements for being a probe from the drop down list. This is a list of all systems inside your RMM tool able to do the job, Select a system you want to control the flow of data from MSOL to LabTech.

Office365 global manager

The global manager has several functions. The first is being the master on off switch for the entire plugin. This controls when Labtech uses the probe to collect data and allows you a quick shutdown if needed. The next function is to assign and install the probe. The probe needs to be prepared first by using the Deploy MSOL Modules followed by Set As Scanner which will install all prereq software and set the system as a probe.

Select what you want to scan for. You can uses these flags to manually scan 1 or 2 items without scanning all items during troubleshooting of collection issues with different clients. Make sure to reselect all required scan types when troubleshooting is over else you may find not all data is being collected.

Use the Scan Clients to manually scan for actively configured clients now. You should have clients configured before for trying to scan clients.

Add Clients

Add a client to office365


Adding clients to be probed by your scanner is very simple. Just make sure you have a "Office365" password entry in your client consoles password  tab.

The title must be names Office365 and if the Client uses Sharepoint sites then make sure to add the tenant name to the URL field. If the tenant name is not present then Sharepoint will not be included in the data shown for client.

Once clients are added you can execute a manual scan via the global manager or allow the scanner to grab data on next cycle. Scanner runs twice daily at 12 AM and 1 PM.



Your Single Pane Of Glass

 Azure Manager

The Office365 for LabTech console is pretty straight forward. At the top you have your active Office365 client list to select any client configured for Office365. From this view you get to manage the clients Azure; Exchange; groups; Sharepoint sites and licensing usage along with the most recent MSOL hosting statuses for each client. Once a client is selected their list of users becomes available for selection. By selecting a user from the list each tab will reflect that users information where relevant allowing you to manage many aspects of the user's experience. In Azure you can manage new users, user passwords, unblocking a locked out user, setting strong password requirements and enabling and disabling many other features in Azure.

We have a full video of the plugin be installed and used on our You Tube Channel


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Set your hostname screen

Is your Automate Hostname Filled Out?

Before purchasing any subscriptions you should verify your account settings for your Automate hostname. The hostname is used to validate licenses and without it you will show expired after purchase.


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