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Automate Package Manager

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Automate Package Manager is a robust solution for MSPs seeking an efficient and streamlined approach to software management across diverse operating systems. With its cross-platform compatibility, integration with popular package managers like Chocolatey, Apt-get, Yum, and Homebrew makes it the go to choice for software update management. Automate Package manager gives you centralized control, a user-friendly interface, and policy-driven management, this plugin empowers MSPs to deliver superior services to their clients while minimizing manual intervention.

Upgrade your software management capabilities with Automate Package Manager today. Automate Package Manager plugin is a month to month subscription service for unlimited agents on a single automate host. No commitments, no contracts, and you can quit at anytime.

This innovative tool facilitates seamless software management across Windows, Debian-style Linux, RedHat-style Linux, and Mac OSX operating systems. By integrating popular package managers like Chocolatey, Apt-get, Yum, and Homebrew. Automate Package Manager simplifies the deployment and update processes, enabling MSPs to efficiently control software installations across large-scale computer environments.

Install software packages like "cURL, Wget, Firefox or Google Chrome" across all OS types for a client, a location or a group of agents you define in just seconds. Make onboarding customer's new computers a breeze with policies to govern procedures. 




Automate Package Manager's Key Features

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Automate Package Manager supports multiple operating systems, ensuring compatibility with Windows, Debian-style Linux, RedHat-style Linux, and Mac OSX. This comprehensive coverage allows MSPs to manage the same software packages across diverse environments.


2. Integration with Package Managers

The plugin seamlessly integrates with industry-standard package managers, including:

  • Chocolatey for Windows
  • Apt-get for Debian-Style Linux
  • Yum for RedHat-style Linux
  • Homebrew for Mac OSX

This integration empowers MSPs to leverage the strengths of each package manager for efficient software deployment and updates.


3. Centralized Control

Automate Package Manager provides centralized control over software installations and updates. MSPs can manage thousands of software packages effortlessly across multiple operating systems, streamlining the process and minimizing the need for manual intervention.


4. User-Friendly Interface

The plugin features a simple and intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise Automate functions. This user-friendly design ensures ease of use for MSPs, enabling them to navigate through software management tasks efficiently.


5. Policy-Driven Management

Automate Package Manager operates on a policy-driven model, allowing MSPs to create an unlimited number of policies. These policies can be customized to manage the deployment and updates of software packages, providing flexibility and adaptability to varying client requirements.


6. Linux Kernel and Software Updates

The plugin goes beyond standard software management by also handling Linux Kernel and supporting software updates. Automate Package Manager ensures that the base Kernel and all necessary software components are kept up-to-date, enhancing the security and stability of Linux-based systems.


7. Uses Native Automate Groups and Searches

Flexibility and manageability is the driving force behind Automate Package Manager. Control over your environment is critical to a steady and productive RMM platform.  By using the native functions in ConnectWise Automate, the control over the environment remains firmly in the hands of the MSP.


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