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IPBlock Regional Firewall

Regional Firewall

Block entire countries from seeing your PC on the Internet

Plugins4LabTech has released version 1 of their new IPBlock for Labtech RMM. IPBlock is a Country based Network Firewall plugin for Windows based systems. When deployed you can select different countries you do not want to have access to your IP address for any Windows Vista / 7 / 2008 or new system and block them from network access to your PC.


Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Features

    How it works

    The plugin launches a script that goes out and refreshes a complete list of all countries and any IP ranges assigned to those countries. It imports them into the local host and stores them in zone files inside the LTSvc directory. Then based on your selection it applies each zone to the Windows firewall as a rule set.


    IPBlock main View

    What does this do for me?

    This greatly reduces your Internet footprint and attack surface. Preventing access from countries that have large amounts of attacking systems. It also reduces your ability to be fully exploited by Trojans, Virus or Worms as if infected it makes it much harder to “Phone Home” if the attack comes from a Country you have blocked like “China”.

    Version 1 only controls the lists that are applied to your PC it does not turn on or off the actual firewall on Windows. You will need to turn on firewall through the Windows control panel for rules to actually take effect. Then to stop the filtering shut down Windows firewall or go into plugin and select “None” and apply for all rule sets placed in by IPBlock to be removed.

  • Screenshots

    • IPBlock Regional Firewall
  • Support

    How to install Plugins

    Here is a quick how-to install plugins on to a ConnectWise Automate System [Click Here]

    So you are having some issues?

    You are in the right place, Plugins4Automate is committed to making sure you get the most out of your investment so we have several support options for you

    Plugin Support

    Plugin support comes in 3 flavors, operational and licensing support.

    Support Forums are here to help you find quick answers to your questions. If you are having a problem you can post them here for our team and the community to help you with. Please visit

    Operational Support can be anything with using a particular plugin inside your MSP's environment. Each environment is different, where one MSP may have 300 agents all being remote laptops another MSP is managing thousands of agents in mixed environments spanning the globe. That makes supporting plugins expensive and time consuming when working with so many environments. This extra time and energy gets reflected in the rising cost of the monthly subscriptions for each plugin and leaves support for free plugins left behind.  We want to make sure we can provide timely support to everyone regardless of the plugin and keep from raising the cost of subscriptions for MSPs that do not require support; for the benefit of a few that do. 

    Plugins4Automate has partnered with LabTech Expert to supply a pay as you go support service for any of our plugins at a flat rate of $130 per hour. Get expert care by a knowledgeable LabTech Certified Professionals with years of experience managing ConnectWise Automate and LabTech environments of various sizes. The LabTech Expert team will assist you in issues related to the use and operation of the plugins we offer. To reach out for support please direct emails to Please include the plugin you are needing help with and any contact information. An automated ticket will be created for you and an engineer will reach out to you quickly.

    License Support issues are handled in house, if you feel you have a issue with expired or non functional license subscriptions please send a email directly to Plugins4Automate. One of our team members will gladly work with you to get your license operational.


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