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3rd Party Application Management Plugin Options For ConnectWise Automate

3rd Party Application Management Plugin Options For ConnectWise Automate

Let me tell you about three of our products. Each plugin we mention is for unlimited agents on a single Automate host per a monthly subscriptions.

If you just interested in 3rd party app management then we have 2 flavors for you to consider. Both use the same underlying product to accomplish the tasks in Automate.

App Genie is designed to look for pre-existing applications and to match applications available on the public repositories and upgrade those applications as needed.

Chocolatey For Automate is a little bit more robust in that it allows you to assign packages to agents as updates and allows you to deploy apps not yet installed on agents. This allows you to maintain app consistency across clients keeping fundamental apps deployed across regions of agents.

I said at the beginning we had three products that manage 3rd party apps but this plugin does a heck of a lot more.

Habitat is a toolbox of add-ons for Automate and is especially useful to MSPs that use ConnectWise’s Hosted Automate services.

Habitat provides many common tools needed for a MSP that would otherwise have an On-Prem server hosting Automate like a SQL query analyzer and access to server logs. Habitat also provides means to manage the updates of Mac OS X and Linux agents allowing the MSP to manage the patching of all agents regardless of OS types. Habitat offers the ability to schedule and deploy Windows upgrades to Windows 10 via a policy driven management tool. Habitat has over 20 of these nifty tools available to it and it is growing month by month.

All 3 plugins can assist in the management of 3rd Party Application Maintenance and cover unlimited agents on a single host for a small monthly fee. Come check out the other plugins we offer for ConnectWise Automate. 

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