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Microsoft announced their new Windows Package Manager

Microsoft announced their new Windows Package Manager

Plugins4Automate has had a long relationship with Chocolaty package manger creating 4 different plugins that use Chocolaty in different fashions. We have a Brew for Mac package manager and a Linux Update Manager based on Yum, Apt-get and Zypper but not until now can we start working on a plugin for a native package manager for Windows. Look for the Windows Package Manager to be available in Habitat this summer.



Microsoft has aimed to create a repository of trusted applications, from which the package manager can install apps that have been vetted with its SmartScreen technology and cryptographically verified.  The command line tool allows developers, power users, and really any Windows user to install their favorite apps from a simple command. Windows Package Manager will support every Windows 10 version since the Fall Creators Update (1709) and the Windows Package Manager will be delivered with the Desktop App Installer when they ship version 1.0. 

Just a few titles Microsoft offers on its repositories!

The beginning of the repository:

software 1

The end of the repository:


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