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AcceloSync for ConnectWise Automate joins Plugins4Automate's Plugin Offerings

AcceloSync for ConnectWise Automate joins Plugins4Automate's Plugin Offerings

Plugins4Automate would like to welcome Insane Technologies to it's family of ConnectWise Automate plugins.

Like many MSPs, the team at Insane Technologies from the Gold Coast (Australia) had invested a lot of time and money into fine tuning their LabTech RMM but were in a love-hate relationship with their PSA. After getting a recommendation from a peer, they fell in love with Accelo ( – but without integration with LabTech they faced a difficult choice – do they start all over again in a new RMM, or do they find another way…….

The grass is not always greener on the other RMM platform and due to the community built around LabTech, it’s hard to find another platform with as much extensibility and customisation. Being a team that that prides themselves on coming up with creative solutions to their client’s complex technology problems, Insane Technologies decided to solve the problem for themselves: integrating both systems together by combining ConnectWise Automate / LabTech plugin extensibility with Accelo's open APIs - and thus AcceloSync for LabTech was born.


AcceloSync for LabTech Plugin console



Hearing similar cries of pain from other MSPs, David, Grant and the Insane Technologies team decided to share their hard work with other LabTech partners by listing the plugin at - a well established marketplace for 3rd party ConnectWise Automate and LabTech plugins.

“We just wanted to be able to help other MSPs break free from the shackles of the big two predominant PSA’s but still retain the investment they’ve put into their RMM platform”, says David. “We’ve got a couple of other ideas up our sleeve to enhance the integration and to leverage Accelo’s API to do creative things for our MSP and anyone else who wants to join us on the adventure!”

Now, any MSP who's loving LabTech but yearns to use a modern PSA platform can now have their cake and eat it too! Simply sign up for a free trial of Accelo at and then get the AcceloSync plugin and you'll be good to go!



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