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Patch Remedy Version 4 Now Upgrades Windows 10 Versions

Fix Windows patching Patch management Update WUA version Upgrade Windows 10

Patch Remedy Version 4 Now Upgrades Windows 10 Versions

Plugins4Automate released today to Beta their new version 4 of Patch Remedy.

Get Beta 1.0.4 here Patch Remedy.

Patch Remedy 4 has some great new features being developed. One of the new features making waves is the ability to upgrade Windows10 systems from previous versions of Windows 10. With just a few configurations to your Automate system, you can be upgrading older versions of Windows to to the latest 16299 version.

We added the ability to cache the 4+ GB ISO file inside the Patch Remedy plugin so that bandwidth needed to do installs is only used once, allowing other agents ability to grab the local copy and saving bottlenecks on a clients network.

We are also replacing charts and graphs with DevExpress versions to improve the visibility of the data.

This beta release has the first WUA bar chart replaced and has the Windows 10 upgrade feature active. MSPs that want to test out the new version can do so by downloading the beta from the support site. You are required to have an active subscription for Patch Remedy.

We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to hearing about your experience.

Patch Remedy subscriptions available here

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