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App Genie is out of BETA and being served up at

App Genie is out of BETA and being served up at

What is App Genie?

App Genie automates the entire process for pre-installed application management. It will seek out enabled agents and reviews their installed softwares. If it finds a matching software is will setup the association and start updating the software as newer packages are available. A MSP can, in minutes, have thousands of agents managing the updates of hundreds of software titles. That's it nothing to deploy! Nothing to configure! No files to mess with, install it and it just works..

We are looking for feedback so please post on our forums your experiences with App Genie and what you think would make the awesome plugin better!

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Go visit our product page to see more on how App Genie can make 3rd party app management issues disappear!  [Get App Genie]

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