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Plugin Of The Month - Map Drives Viewer

Plugin Of The Month - Map Drives Viewer

This month Plugns4Automate puts Map Drives as the latest plugin of the month. Map Drives holds the highest downloads counts repeatedly among our top plugins and has shown that its value to the LabTech / Automate community is undeniable.

Let me tell you a little about Map Drives

The Map Drives plugin started out as "a need to see" for agents and users drive mappings, ensuring that users had drives mapped to a LOB application. If the drive letter was missing or mapped to the wrong place would cause our engineers and techs time in the field. Having the ability to see that all agents at once conformed to the correct mappings helped validate the LOB app was working.

The plugin then grew to include many new additions allowing a engineer or technician quick visibility into the overall status of the customers in question.

Check the news on how Map Drives can assist you


Download Map Drive Now!

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