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Plugin of the Month - Announce Maintenance

have users keep computers online for patching Notify users of patching and maintenance

Plugin of the Month - Announce Maintenance

The plugin of the month for August 2019 is the Announce Maintenance plugin for connectWise Automate.

Improve Windows Patching up to 25% MSP wide!

If agents are offline you can't deliver your services. If you can not deliver your service your patching stats suffer! Announce Maintenance gently reminds users to keep workstations online for maintenance.

We choose the Announce maintenance plugin for its ability to limit the number of offline agents during critical patching and maintenance cycles. It helps this unique problem by sending an announcement pop message to each active desktop with a custom message the MSP provides. The message would read that scheduled maintenance would be taking place after hours and to remember to keep the computer on. A simple announcement hours before a user leaves for the day will signingagently reduce the offline agents during the MSPs delivered maintenance cycles. 

 Get your free plugin today - Announce Maintenance plugin

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