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Automation Made Easy With Patch Remedy 5

Automation Made Easy With Patch Remedy 5

Are you looking for an easy-to-use patching tool for ConnectWise Automate?

Then we invite you to have a peek at our Patch Remedy 5 plugin for ConnectWise Automate.

Patch Remedy 5 can assist you at various levels based on your needs. From simple monitoring of current patch status to handling your clients patch schedules, Patch Remedy 5 provides a wide variety of support to your infrastructure.

Patch Remedy Console

At some point you need to upgrade, and Patch Remedy 5 can help you there. Patch Remedy 5 provides tools to upgrade Windows 10 and 11 agents with new feature updates without the need for setups or user interventions.

Receive great analytics from the charts and graphs that Patch Remedy 5 provides. Have visibility into your client’s patch status and be able to focus your attention on the issues.

Patch Remedy 5 is a simple monthly subscription for unlimited agents across your automate host. No long-term requirements, month to month service, quit at any time. 

Come see how Patch Remedy 5 can make managed services easier to manage.



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