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It's Great To Sport Some New Threads!

It's Great To Sport Some New Threads!

Great news, the new website has launched and is looking pretty good. The Plugins4 team has been working all this year to get the Plugins4Automate portal up to Shopify 2.0 standards and to improve the overall user experience.

With a modern profile and menu system, and the new product videos the site can deliver more content and testimonials, all on an easy scrolling framework. A framework that transitions easily from PC to Tablet to Phone allowing to get where you what to go fast.

As you enter our portal the very first thing you will find is an invitation to visit our Support Forums. We believe you can determine a lot about the real use and functionality of a tool by visiting its support forums and reading its documentation. Therefore, before we show you the glitter and the glam, we want to also expose you to the issues and outcomes. The forums also provide a great archive of the activity of each plugin as they mature. So, make sure to go and visit our support forums.

We didn't stop there, we worked with our subscription services vender to improve the tools our site uses to manage subscriptions safely and securely.  Improved tools to see you billing history and to access previous order receipts. Tools to assist you with credit cards and to provide you access to the software title updates. With all these updates to the accounting UI we hope to make your ability to access the critical items you need in an easy fashion.

We encourage you to stop by and have a look at our new web portal if you haven't already, come see the improvements we made.


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