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CCleaner Plugin Gives New Value To All MSPs Using ConnectWise Automate

CCleaner Plugin Gives New Value To All MSPs Using ConnectWise Automate

Plugins4Automate is happy to announce the release of CCleaner For Labtech plugin version 1.0.3 . In cooperation with Piriform and ConnectWise, we are happy to provide a plugin that is useful to all MSPs using ConnectWise Automate RMM platforms. We feel it adds great potential to storage and security management within ConnectWise Automate, while bringing value to the ConnectWise Automate community in the form of FREE robust plugins and applications. 

CCleaner For LabTech is adding value to MSPs everywhere with its new list of features and free functionality. CCleaner Business Edition coupled with CCleaner for LabTech now automates the analyzing and reporting of all your ConnectWise Automate or LabTech agents at no cost. Purchase a license from Labtech Sales team to add the ability to clean and report on agent status for a nominal fee. 

We have also added some great new features to CCleaner for Labtech

New And Improved Agent Manager

The new management tools will install CCleaner BE but not license CCleaner BE, allowing for the analyzing of agents, but, without cleaning them. The automation will now analyze all enabled systems and only clean licensed systems at the available license counts and based on schedules set in plugin. This will allow all analyze reports and graphs to function. Once CCleaner BE is licensed for any number of agents, data in the main report center will be available and automated cleanings, custom cleaning policies and reporting can be managed. We have auto deployments for each client with a simple control to turn on or off the feature, this allows MSP to set if new agents get CCleaner when onboarded.


 CCleaner enable clients


 New License Manager

 A new license manager that allows registration and the un-registration of agents. All licensing is now manual.  Select 1 or many of the agents in this list and select from menu “License” to set the CCBE license for that set of agents. You can now license and unlicense agents with ease and just a few clicks.

 CCleaner for Labtech License manager


Analyze Unlimited Agents 

We analyze unlimited agents for FREE and only clean the agents that are licensed. We updated the licensing area so that “Installing” is in place of “systems with issues” and now considers any pathless system as in a “installing “ state. Launching the Install tool window will allow you to push reinstalls of CCleaner manually if needed.

 Open license manager



New Client Level Management

At the client level we have abilities to exclude locations and agents from CCleaner installs adding granularity to the CCleaner deployments. You can also turn on and off auto deployments and the exclusion of servers at the client level.


Client INI policies



We provide a new Client level config policy at the Client console in Labtech / Automate. We now provide a global policy, a per client policy and per computer policy.  Each one having preference over the other allowing for very granular INI configuration management.


Client INI config 


 New Computer Level Items

At the computer level we now allow unlimited analyzing in unlicensed mode and only cleaning in license mode. If unlicensed and clean is selected it will check to see if any licenses are available (unused) and will assign one to this agent if available, else will not clean system. This is noted in the terminal windows of plugin when selections made informing the user of the condition of agent. You can see if license is assigned already by the red and green dots by the “Licensed” label.  If red and you want to make it green (License the agent) just click the clean button and it will test and license agent if licenses are available.

CCleaner Console for computers in Automate


The Backend

We didn't stop at just the UI. We have made some big improvements to the licensing management and automation services that run the backend of the plugin. With Automatic Updates, you can now keep up with new releases and continue to get the best the plugin can provide. Automation has never been so easy.



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