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Defender For Automate Monitors and Alerts on Virus Threats

Defender For Automate Monitors and Alerts on Virus Threats

Have total control over Windows Defender

Plugins4Automate has released the Windows Defender For Automate Manager Build 1.0.3 today. They added in several really creative features to improve notification of detection and to provide the data needed to identify the threats posed by todays viruses. If you are using ConnectWise Automate then this tool is a must have. It will save you time and energy and provide a much faster look into the AV activity across your clients.

Get current status alarms and view all the different features and their statuses. 

Client View


Select an agent and set any of the preferences for Windows Defender.  Use the menu to command Windows Defender at the agent level. Operate scans, update signatures, remove active threats and more.

Client preferences


The menu allows you to view the threat activity Windows Defender is seeing on each agent. Green dots identify successful management of the threat.

AV threat viewer


If you would like to find out more about the Windows Defender for Automate plugin please visit Plugins4Automate

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