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Habitat Beta Explosion Has Occurred

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Habitat Beta Explosion Has Occurred

Thanks to everyone who is participating in our Habitat Beta release. It has been well accepted and is going along very strong, we surely have a great presents in the ConnectWise Automate Community as it shows with level of participation.

 Automate hosts using Habitat

Habitat is a MSP mainstay providing an extended platform for quick delivery of tools and services every MSP needs to be productive and profitable in today's mainstream tech markets. Habitat's moto is "Whoop There It Is", providing new and innovative updates to Habitat on a regular bases and as the community involvement dictates.  

Follow along with Habitat as it grows from a simple tool box to an extensive tool chest full of possibilities for your MSP.


Currently in the tool box

  • Google Drive Integration
  • Windows Upgrade Assistant
  • Stalled Agents Detector
  • Patching Announcement Generator
  • Map Drives Viewer Tool
  • Printer Status Viewer Tools
  • All Plugin Logs Viewer
  • SQL Query Analyzer Tool
  • Automate Database Maintenance Tool


And we have so much more planned for Habitat in the coming months so come check out what Habitat can do for you!

You can get Habitat here




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