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Plugin of the Month for January 2020 is CCleaner For Automate

Plugin of the Month for January 2020 is CCleaner For Automate

With a big bang and a ball drop we usher in 2020 and also a new plugin of the month, nah a plugin for the new decade!  This requires us to put up our best of class when it comes to plugins and CCleaner for Automate really fits that bill this year.

Let me tell you a little bit about why we think CCleaner for Automate should be our Plugin of the Decade. Little know fact, the first edition CCleaner integration was in early 2010's and consisted of just 2 imported scripts. One to register and one to clean, and you had to figure out how to deploy software and when to schedule the scripts. Now here we are in January of 2020 and CCleaner For Automate has come a very very long ways from those days. 

Just recently as of 2019, the CCleaner For Automate plugin has had several major upgrades of interest. A new group policy manager was added which allows you to define a particular configuration for any group you have in Automate. This allows a larger flexibility when cleaning and analyzing groups of agents. The plugin was given some new script function that allow the MSP to call CCleaner actions for agents in their own scripts for more control over the plugin and its data. Plugins4Automate has been working with the ConnectWise Solution Center's team to bring in new controls to allow them to automate the delivery of CCleaner to MSP's across the globe as part of ConnectWises latest Solution Center.

CCleaner for Automate does it all for you with just the install of the plugin. No need to download or manage CCleaner software, you only need the plugin to get started analyzing all your agents for free.  If you have a CCleaner License key then you're ready to start cleaning. Install the plugin and add your license key to the manager and away you go, that's it. Simple and Easy

Find us under the Desktop Management Solutions in the Solution Center or get the latest builds at CCleaner For Automate

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