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Habitat Has Had A Tool Explosion

Habitat Has Had A Tool Explosion

It's been a little more than a month since our last update on the Habitat plugin and what a month it's been. Like everyone impacted by the Covid-19 virus that's been following the stay at home requests, it's given us some extra time to tinker with some new tools for Habitat.

Let me tell you  some of the new things we added to the Habitat for Automate Plugin.

We added a new Habitat Function Editor that allows you to edit the functions we provide natively to Habitat and to add in new functions the MSP can create to have implemented inside Habitat.

Habitat Functions Editor  


We improved the view of the Database Maintenance tool

Habitat Database Maintenance tool


We added in support for automated Habitat Functions updates. This will allow Habitat to add new functions to its abilities with out a Habitat plugin update.

We added support for Automate Scripting Editor adding in several new Habitat Plugin Server Functions.


Autmate Script editor


Here is the current list of available functions and the parameters you need/can pass to it.

  • Habitat Powershell - Linux POSH Execute (Param-1= %computerid%, Param-2= Powershell command to execute)
  • Habitat Powershell - POSH Command Execute (Param-1= %computerid%, Param-2= Saved Powershell Command Name to execute)
  • Habitat Powershell - POSH Script Execute (Param-1= %computerid%, Param-2= Saved Powershell Script Name to execute, Param-3={optional}extra parameters to pass to script)
  • Habitat Stalled Agent - Restart Failed Agents via ScreenConnect (Param-1= %computerid%)

The POSH Command and POSH Script functions do not take commands and scripts directly, you must use the Habitat Powershell tool to save the scripts and commands to Automate first then pass to the function the friendly name you gave command or script.


We added Mac and Linux support to the Habitat Local Administrators Group Monitor tool (LAGM) so now we also list and monitor SUDO users and Mac admin groups directly inside Habitat.

With all we added this last month it not surprising the response we received over Habitat and what it can do for the MSP.  We look forward to many new innovations in Habitat in the upcoming builds.


Find out more about Habitat here

See what we are talking about in the Habitat Forums 

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