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Habitat Receives New Linux Update Manager Add-On

Habitat Receives New Linux Update Manager Add-On

Plugins4Automate has been hard at work adding new tools and features to Habitat. Today we get to announce that as of Build, Habitat supports a new Linux Update Manager Add-on that has some neat improvements.

LUM (Linux Update Manager) in Habitat now supports 3 different Linux package managers including YUM, Apt-Get and Zypper. It uses the different package managers to pull available packages updates back into ConnectWise Automate for your support teams to have direct access to via their Automate consoles. You can update one or all available packages on an agent manually or allow Automate to upgrade the systems as packages are available automatically. You can exclude individual agents from the patching automation for those sensitive Linux systems that need to be patched manually.


LUM Agent Console


Habitat is still in beta and can be used free of charge through February 2020.


To get the Habitat plugin visit the -> Beta Test Forum

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