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New BitLocker For Automate Plugin - Encrypt It All!

New BitLocker For Automate Plugin - Encrypt It All!

Plugins4Automate has released a new plugin to help you manage BitLocker across your Automate environment. Have full control over the deployment and management of BitLocker on all Windows agent.

The aim of BitLocker For Automate is to protect computers and drives against data breaches and intrusions. The main benefits are: It encrypts your entire drive, providing a high-level of security using the TPM module and your pin codes, passwords and recovery keys and key filenames are stored in ConnectWise Automate.

Why should I use BitLocker?
Approximately 60% of all computers sold today are portable computers. 
The primary reason you want to use BitLocker on the computers in your organization is to minimize the chance that useful data can be recovered from lost storage devices by a third partyThe problem this poses for IT security professionals is that laptop computers are easily lost or stolen. Laptop computers can contain gigabytes of organizational data. Gigabytes that may end up in the hands of an unauthorized third party if that laptop computer is left at an airport security checkpoint or is stolen from a bag while the worker is commuting on public transport.
BitLocker For ConnectWise Automate helps your staff keep on top of this fluid environment. With the ability to add new protectors on the fly or encrypt data while computer is in the field is huge deal for your engineers but easy for this plugin to maintain and backup.
Plugins4Automate makes BitLocker a safe and easy process for any agent on your Automate host.

Top 4 Reasons for using BitLocker

1. Confidential data

It is true that the most common use of BitLocker is to protect the data on stolen laptops. Since you are probably an IT pro, you know that anybody can access the data on an unencrypted disk without requiring any passwords by booting up from a second drive.

2. Expanded Footprint

Password hashes for example, once an attacker has physical access to one of your company’s system disks, this opens a variety of ways to attack your whole network.

3. Disk and Hardware crashes

You think all your disks are physically well protected, what happens when they need support? What are you doing with a crashed disk that you just bought and is under warranty? You will send it to the manufacturer so they can verify that the disk is really broken. Who sees that data?

4. Time to move on

For every hard drive comes the time when the last journey to the scrap yard becomes inevitable. I know, you are a conscientious admin and erase every disk thoroughly with a special hard drive eraser tool. But is your data really gone?

We make Manages Services More Manageable! 



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